No Mother

At 11-weeks pregnant Gloria suffers a miscarriage. Soon she feels the pressure to move on as if nothing has happened. When she’s denied seeing herself as a mother, she finds the courage to step up for herself and her unborn baby…

short film, AT 2020, shot on Sony FS7 in 4k

Director / Writer: Romana Carén
DoP: Marco Zimprich

Cast: Anne Alexander-SiederDavid WurawaRomana Carén

shot & completed in 2020

official selection
Golden Short Film Festival 2021 / Golden Actress Category

Das kleine Vergnügen

Emma is an unemployed housewife, who’s children have grown up and moved out. When she finds out that her husband is looking for his sexual awaking, doing this by having an affair with another women, Emma takes over a neon-lit sex-shop that she turns into an erotic boutique for women. This journey leads her into an adventure with a group of other women who are all looking for their own sexual awaking…

feature film, 93min, AT 2018 shot on Sony f65 in 4k

Director: Julia Frick
Writer: Julia Frick, Alice Frick
DoP: Marco Zimprich
Production Design: Fritz Müller

Cast: Petra Kleinert, Marcus Strahl, Waltraut Haas, Reinhard Nowak, Ramesh Nair, Mirella, Michael Buchinger

theatrical release in Austrian cinemas 2018

Best Foreign Film | LA Femme Film Festival 2017
Directors’ Board Award | North Carolina Film Awards 2017
Best International Fiction Feature | Lanus Int. Film Festival 2018
+ 9 more awards & 19 nominations


When a strange girl appears on a beach in England she has to depend on a local boy to believe her story and help her return home.

short film, 30min, UK 2017, shot on Sony FS7 in 4k

Director/Writer: David Stuart Snell
DoP: Marco Zimprich

Cast: Grace St Hill, Karl Jenkinson, Ethan Taylor

Area 51 Award | Sci-On Festival 2017
Critic’s Choice Award | Sci-On Festival 2017

Kalahari Gemsen

More than 200 sketches with the two main characters invented and played by Ramesh Nair and Angelika Niedetzky in 10 episodes for the new ORF format “DIE.NACHT”.

ORF comedy series, 10x25min, AT 2016

broadcasted on ORF | Austrian National Television 2016

Die Postgötter

Harald Mayr is a devoted postman in a small village called Gaiswinkel. He is not only delivering letters, but also checking them. If their content doesn’t meet his moral standard, he amends them to fit this. Day in, day out he lives his routine, each discrepancy throws him easily out of the track until he meets Lisa. She is a German seasonal worker and is first shocked by Harald’s activity. But Lisa succumbs to the appeal of ‘opening the envelope’ after sharing some quality time with Harald. They develop a special relationship, but the intrusion in the privacy of individuals and letters leads to controversies.


short film, 30min, AT 2015

Director/Writer: Florian Moses Bayer
DoP: Marco Zimprich

Cast: Reinhold G. Moritz, Sophie Pfennigstorf

Winner Foreign Film 2nd Runner Up | Myrtle Beach Int. Film Festival 2016
Best Actor | Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival India 2016
Founders Award | North Carolina Film Awards 2016
+ 14 nominations

Vorstadt Weiber

The Austrian version of Desperate Housewives. 5 bored, unhappy, rich women in a suburban are taking charge of their lives.

ORF comedy series, 4 episodes, AT 2014

Director: Harald Sicheritz
Writer: Uli Brée
DoP: Marco Zimprich

Cast: Gerti Drassl, Maria Köstlinger, Nina Proll

broadcasted on ORF | Austrian National Television, ARD | German National Television 2015

Winner Best Producer | Romy Gala 2015


This is a movie about two sisters whose love rivalry is accompanied by the gorgeous nature of the glacier watching over the valley. A realistic story about people in times of need, misery, death and just a little happiness.

feature film, AT 2014

Director/Writer: Anita Lackenberger
DoP: Marco Zimprich
Cast: Gerti Drassl, Harald Windisch, Hannes Perkmann, Ute Heidorn

broadcasted on ORF | Austrian National Television 2015

La Vie nous appartient

Two students, Sarah and Philip, after meeting online develop a tragic plan to end their lives. They decide to meet and hike into the mountains where they would jump off a cliff together. They share their thoughts and struggles, looking into enduring issues about family, depression and fulfillment, while also touching upon the unique issues of growing up in the modern world.

feature film, 89min, AT 2014

Director/Writer: Alex K. Lee
DoP: Marco Zimprich

Cast: Florent Arnoult, Alix Bénézech

Utopia Award | Parma Int. Film Festival Italy 2015
Best Feature Film & Special Jury Prize | Olympia Film Festival for Children and Young People 2015
Honorable Mention Best Screenplay | Castellinaria Int. Young Film Festival 2015
Special Mention | Social World Film Festival 2015
Winner “Premio + Alti” | Vittorio Veneto Kids & Teens Film Festival 2015
Cultural Prize | Seoul Guro Int. Kids Film Festival 2015
+ 18 more nominations


New series about cops of the 18th district of Vienna – in the midst of Yuppies and immigrants, unemployed and long-established, those cops are responsible for law and order, but they are only humans themselves… 

ORF crime series, pilot + 3 episodes, AT 2013

broadcasted on ORF | Austrian National Television, BR | Bavarian Television 2013


New comedy series about regular people who experience everyday problems trying to solve them in a humourous way.

ORF comedy series, pilot + 2 series (23 episodes x 30min), AT 2011-2013

broadcasted on ORF | Austrian National Television, BR | Bavarian Television 2011-2013

AMS Mutris Welt

Spin-Off of the new comedy series “Schlawiner” with one of the main protagonist 
(played by Gregor Seberg)who is an unemployed poet spending most of his time in the waiting room of AMS (Austrian Employment Service) and talking to other people there.

ORF comedy series, pilot + 9 episodes (10 25min episodes), AT 2011

Director: Paul Harather
Writer: Paul Harather
DoP: Marco Zimprich

Cast: Gregor Seberg, Thomas Nash, Julia Jelinek |

broadcasted on ORF | Austrian National  2011

Zu Eng!

Eight-year old Joseph suffers from phimosis. He slowly discovers pleasure in the prescribed foreskin exercises. But instead of getting better, his condition worsens due to his family’s reactions. A tragicomic search for the truth ensues.

short film (18min), AT 2010

Director/Writer: Clemens Roth
DoP: Marco Zimprich

Cast: Valentin Hütter, Marion Mitterhammer, Michael Thomas

Winner of New German Directors Showcase 2012 | Saatchi & Saatchi

3 Zimmer.Küche.

Anna, a young nurse, is desperate: for 3 month now the building she is living in is being renovated – with no end in sight. Having night shifts, the constant noise during the day is shattering her nerves. Also her love affair with a married doctor is crumbling. One day she goes with little hope to yet another apartment-inspection. Surprise: it’s large, quiet, affordable – nearly perfect! The catch: there are 4 competitors … Anna is making a plan: the competitors have to be hindered to go to the next all-important apartment-inspection, by all means necessary …

feature film (95min), AT 2007


short film, AT 2004

Director/Writer: Arman T. Riahi, Clemens Roth
DoP: Marco Zimprich

Cast: Erika Kollmann-Till, Josef Prenner, Katharina Roessler

Best Short Film | shorts on screen ORF 2005

fis mol

short film, USA 1998

Director/Writer: Johnny Hartmann
DoP: Marco Zimprich

Cast: Cheyanne Kane, Ash Chandler, James Intveld

broadcasted on ORF Kunststücke 2002

Cable Guy

A lonely and mentally disturbed cable guy raised on television just wants a new friend, but his target, a designer, rejects him, with bad consequences.

feature film (96min), USA 1995

Director: Ben Stiller
Writer: Lou Holtz Jr.
DoP: Robert Brinkmann
Assistant to Mr. Brinkmann: Marco Zimprich

Cast: Jim Carrey, Matthew Broderick, Leslie Mann

Blimp Award (Favourite Movie Actor) | Kids’ Choice Awards USA 1997
Best Villain & Best Comedic Performance (Jim Carrey) | MTV Movie + TV Awards 1997
+ 2 more nominations

Independence Day

The aliens are coming and their goal is to invade and destroy Earth. Fighting superior technology, mankind’s best weapon is the will to survive.

feature film (145min), USA 1995

Oscar Best Effects & Oscar Best Visual Effects | Academy Awards USA 1997
Saturn Award Best Special Effects | Academy of Sci Fi, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA 1997
+ 32 more awards and 35 nominations